Pre Production Begins

Pre production has begun on ‘Patrick’. The script has been polished and we have a great cast of kids including Matthew Shanfari who will take on the lead role. We have also cast Barbara Joslyn as Edie, it’s great to be working with such a talented British actress. It’s also a wonder that we are making this film, I never imagined when I first pitched the idea to Luti Media (Production Company), a film about a little boy who learns to fly, that we would ever get to actually make it. Their response was unbelievable to me, Luti (Producer) simply said ‘Let’s do it’. Soon after we found the money from funding bodies ‘Chambers Film Finance’ and ‘Silver Birch Investments’ and we were ready to go. My dream was to shoot this on the new Vision 3, Kodak 35mm stock but unfortunately we couldn’t afford to. That was before I spoke to Sam at Kodak. After a few brief conversations and with the help of our Image Consultant, Barri Hitchin, Kodak gave us 8,000 feet of V3 35mm stock as a donation. I feel incredibly fortunate to not only be given the opportunity to shoot this on film, but the fact that Kodak believe in the project and the people driving it is a real testament to their generosity and kindness. As if this wasn’t enough Panavision and Lightning Media have joined us, providing the production with incredible shooting kit for an absolutely minimal fee. This really means a lot to everyone on board and means we can spend money on making this film the way it was envisioned. With some of the money we can now afford (again greatly discounted) a crane arm and steadicam, both of which are crucial to the way I want to shoot certain important sequences in the film. The last thing I want to do is to make a film about flight where the camera is stuck rooted to the ground or on legs the whole time.


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