We’re Wrapped!

Wrap was called today, the 17th of August 2008, on Patrick. It was a frantic and exhausting shoot, not without it’s obstacles and compromises; but I think all in all we got what we needed. It’s difficult not being able to see the rushes (as they have to undergo a spirit transfer and first light) but I’m confident we’ve captured the real essence of the story and we had some great fun technically! One particular highlight was seeing Luti (Producer) at work. We arrived this morning to find the school gate to the field was padlocked. Within 5 minutes Luti had access to bolt cutters (I have no idea how). Unfortunately this approach didn’t work, so being the efficient hands on producer he is, he’d summoned an angle grinder within 15 minutes (I really have no idea how, on a sunday?!). Needless to say we got into the field and shot the scenes in front of the beautiful surrounding tree line which will hopefully frame the characters in a kind of lush green; especially through the lens of our fantastic DOP Bjorn Bratberg. I’d like to thank everyone involved, especially those who worked on this for free, it means a great deal to me that you worked so hard on this project. Lastly a special mention to Luti and Bjorn for their support and belief in me and the project over the last few weeks and Kodak and Panavision for giving us an unbelievable gift of film stock and shooting equipment.


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