Opening Night Party

So yesterday I took a bus downtown to check out the score. I had a few names and places from friends who are from the US, but first I went to the Seattle Art Musuem. The exhibition was amazing, particularly the work by Brush and Biershardt, the technical ability of those painters is incredible. I also saw a brilliant sculpture by Nick Cave (Bad Seeds) which was formed from thrift store sweaters stitched together in the shape of a huge totem pole in human form.

After that I walked down 6th Ave to ‘The Industry’ a menswear store I’d been directed to by a friend, when inside I asked for Angela and she emerged, a bubbly girl straight from the OC. She gave me some pointers for places to see while I’m here and maybe we’ll go out for a drink, she also mentioned that Bloc Party are in town so if I have time I might try and get a ticket. So then I walked from 6th down to 1st and Pike.

Went to Pike Place Market and walked along the coastline, very cool market with lots of nick nacks and fresh seafood. Finally I went to the bottom end of 2nd avenue and met up with Brian who owns ‘Whiskey’. I had a chat with him and he promised to show me around town so we hit a few bars and had some dinner before checking out this amazing record store called ‘Bop Town’. So eventually the night came to a close and I wandered home, somehow we’d managed to get back to Ballard but I still had trouble finding my street, I had to crack out the map (but it was ok, no one saw!).

Tonight is the official opening night party at the Cinerama which is downtown, and apparently it’s the only theatre still projecting 70mm prints in Seattle, which is really cool. I’ve seen posters, billboards etc for the festival and the weird thing is people around town have heard of it. It’s odd to think that my film is part of this and really exciting too. I can’t wait for the screening but tonight I’m just going to relax and meet some filmmakers.


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