Patrick wins audience award for ‘Best International Film’

So we won the award for best international film as voted for by the audience! It’s a great honour to be given this award and all the hard work put in by the cast and crew is finally beginning to pay off. It was also truly unexpected as the majority of the audience during the festival were complete strangers. The fact that they voted for ‘Patrick’ is a real compliment to everyone involved in the production process and hopefully this will be the first of many awards.

After a brief photo session with the award winners we headed over for an after party at a restaurant down the block. There I got to talk further with film making duo ‘The Cox Brothers’ whose film ‘The Substitute’ won an award, I didn’t manage to catch the film but I’ve heard only good things and they gave me a copy on DVD to watch when I get home. Travis also won the ‘New Talent Award’ for ‘Fairytales’ which I think was definitely due (perhaps his talent is not all that new though!). Finally I had a chat with director Chad Engel whose film ‘Mary’s Ring’ played in the late night segment, we spoke about a really interesting book which he is trying to option the rights for to write a screenplay, we’re going to stay in touch with the possibility of me directing the film. This is one of the great things about the festival, there seems to be friendships and collaborations forming all around and the mutual appreciation of everyone’s work is really encouraging.

On a side note, ‘Patrick’ will be available on Video on Demand on US network ‘ComCast’ (Equivalent – Sky or Virgin) for free this summer, so if you’re in the states check it out!

I fly back to London tomorrow night and it’s sad to be leaving Seattle, I have definitely formed a bond with the city and thanks to everyone who has made my stay so exciting and welcoming.

Me and Travis


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