The screening yesterday went amazingly well, it looked and sounded perfect, the projectionist and the tech guys at the theatre did a great job and screening from digi beta was no problem at all, it looked as good as it ever has. The reaction to the film was a little overwhelming, I’ve had filmmakers and the general public alike saying how much they loved the film which is so nice to hear! I’ve also done a few interviews for press and websites visiting the festival including a rather embarrassing soundbite where I pitched it as ‘Billy Elliot’ meets ‘Watchmen’ (Graphic novel not Snyder film – crucially) I have no idea where that (probably inaccurate) comparison came from!

All the journalists were really intelligent and film literate and many discussed the themes, cinematography and style of the film as well as other more roving questions like how we achieved the flying sequences and how much it cost to make. The most rewarding aspect of the screening for me was the audience reaction, they laughed at the appropriate moments and one particular lady said she thought it was the loveliest film she’d seen at the festival. I also got many compliments on the look of the film and have been talking about Bjorn (DOP), Pippa (Art Dept) and the camera dept non stop! As the festival draws to a close I’m looking forward to the awards ceremony, I have no idea if we’re in with a chance but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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