Quotes and 'The Outsiders'

We got a couple of mentions in articles and websites during the festival, including a snippet of an interview I did for the SU Spectator and a list of festival awards in the Seattle Fine Arts Examiner:

International filmmakers said that this was a good way to break into the American film scene.

“To become a commercial filmmaker, to try and get your film played in the U.S. is quite important,” said Luke Snellin of the United Kingdom. “Seeing Americans relate to the stuff, it’s been a really fulfilling experience.”

Luke Snellin of the United Kingdom! I might have to get that sewn in to all my underwear!

Awards List:

Animation – Chicken Cowboy, Stephen Neary
Documentary – Left Side, Esther Magasis
Experimental – Dihydrogen Monoxide, Sam Bender
Feature – The Reunion of Amila Marbleberry and Marcy Stills, Michael Tucker
International – Marea Alta, Carlos Parada
Music Video – Glitter Waste Land Dance-Off, Tommy Strauss
Short – X to Y, Matt Sobel

Animation – Odysseus and the Cyclops, Emily Salva
Documentary – Lucky Boy, Alex Gaylon
Experimental – Soliloquy, Olivia Motley
Feature – Perfect Sport, Anthony O’Brien
International – Patrick, Luke Snellin
Music Video – Rebuilding, Jade Warpenburg
Short – The Substitute, Ryan and Andrew Cox

Fairytales, Travis Walton Waugh
I Have a Dream Today, Hannah Holtgerts
Odysseus and the Cyclops, Emily Salva

So after I got back I officially begun work on ‘The Outsiders’. I’ve had a treatment for about 6 months now and a bunch of hand written scenes scribbled down. It’s great to be back in the writing process and becoming absorbed in characters and story all over again. The film will be an ensemble piece with the three protagonists of ‘Patrick’ and ‘Arthur’ (from the short) along with a new character called ‘Bill’. It will have the same themes and feel of the short but with a different story which will revolve around all of the characters as opposed to Patrick. I don’t want to give too much away suffice to say that flying is not the only power on display in the story.

Finally I’ll post all press and comments about the short in a new section on the site entitled ‘Press’. There are some interesting comments in there including ‘Escapist’ director Rupert Wyatt and Metro film critic Larushka Ivan Zadeh.


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