Mixtape Screening

Last night was the official first theatrical screening of Mixtape! It was great to see the film make it up there on the big screen and the reaction was really positive, in fact I’ve never heard so many people go ‘Ahhhhh’ (as in ‘thats sweet’) at my work, one woman sitting near to me (who didn’t know who I was) said to her boyfriend that it was ‘sooo cute’ which is lovely.

This is exactly what I set out to achieve with film, in getting people to feel that sweetness and those flutters we all experienced as kids when we had our first real crush.

The other entries went down great too, particular mention goes to CGI-Brows, She Farted and Created the World and Making The Difference. Definitely three of my favorite entries and with an audience they really took off.

Well there’s not long to go now, just over three weeks until we find out who has won the grand prize…I have to say this competition has completely taken over my life for the time being! Not that I’m writing a speech or anything, I just think it’s a great opportunity for filmmakers and getting short work out there to the masses which it has to be said is sorely needed.

Bill on set, this was taken just before lunch as we can see by the 'hungry' expression on his face...


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