Last night Noel Clarke called my name in a darkened auditorium at the BFI, Mixtape, our little low budget film won the best short film award at the Virgin Media Awards Ceremony! As I took to the stage the whole thing was an absolute blur, Johnny Vaughn handed me a glass trophy roughly the same weight as a small house; and as I struggled offstage, I really couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

Aside from this memory the night was a huge success all round, there are some photos and bits below but at this time it’s still sinking in to be honest and I can’t really say much more other than how proud and honoured I am to be chosen amongst the other 11 finalists and their amazing work.

CGI Brows won the peoples choice and deservedly so, a hilarious little short, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew during the day and I’m sure he’s going on to do great things in the comedy world.

Aside from this I’d just like to say thank you to our amazing cast and crew, my producer Luti and my family, friends and girlfriend for all their support and perhaps most pertinently for putting up with the annoying nuisance I have become this last month in anticipation of last night.



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