Cancelled shoots, Manchester and Quotes

So the couple of videos I was meant to be directing fell through unfortunately, which I suppose was good for me in a way because I got some well needed rest and reflection; such is often the case with low/no budget music videos.

Yesterday I came back from Manchester where I had been invited by one of the people I admire most in the British Film and TV industry, Paul Abbott. He had seen ‘Mixtape’ and has been a great supporter of the film and was overjoyed that we won. For me it was a wonderful experience just to meet him and to hear his words of advice and support and I hope to work closely with him as my future unfolds. Aside from that it was great to hang out on the ‘Shameless’ set which in it’s construction and level of detail is a fantastic achievement in itself.

I also bumped into filmmaker Sean Conway up there, who I had spoken to before by email about his amazing Cinema Extreme short ‘Alex and Her Arse Truck’. It was great to meet him in person and to talk about where we are right now and what we’re both working on.

Finally, over the next few days I’ll be collating the reviews, quotes and opinions of ‘Mixtape’ and storing them in the press section of the site at the top of the page.

“If I stop creating I guess I’ll just die” – Jarrod – Eagle Vs Shark

Alex and Her Arse Truck

Alex and Her Arse Truck


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