N-DUBZ feat. Mr. Hudson – Playing With Fire

Another promo for the unstoppable ‘N-DUBZ’ featuring promising artist ‘Mr. Hudson’ for their upcoming track ‘Playing With Fire’. I worked on the video, which was again directed by ‘Rage’ and it promises to be their biggest video to date…

I worked as a director of the stills unit which Luti (Producer) assigned me to on the second of the two day shoots. We travelled around town shooting still portraits of the band in various wardrobe and location set ups. I think the images will look really nice once they have been treated and I think Rage wants to work them into the video in kind of an old still photo montage thing.

It was nice to deal with stills for a change after becoming so used to moving image, composition has always been all important to me and it was refreshing to get to deal with being able to compose everything within the frame, although time was pressing.

It was also fun to work with the band who are always charming and funny and most importantly willing to help you get what you need. I guess the downside was that we didn’t really have much in the way of equipment so we had to deal with no lights, at night, which was worrying to begin with until we enlisted a cab driver to provide his full beams to light Dappy’s portraits. Working on the fly…

I’ll hopefully upload some of the images soon courtesy of the great photographers we had to shoot them including ‘Junior Watson’, look out for this guy. For now you’ll have to make do with these production stills hand picked from Sir Hudson’s Blog…


The guys with Rage and stylist Raimi


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