Samsung Test Commercial

I shot a Samsung test commercial on saturday with some friends of mine who are all very talented individuals indeed. In fact it was a fun day really and despite the chilling and bleak london skies, we tried to bring a bit of colour to the city…

It is being made for a competition and as soon as it is online I’ll post a link. It is to promote Samsung’s new environmentally friendly mobile telephone! Woop for the Earth!

It was shot by an up and coming DP and good friend of mine Ben Jones, designed by my long term collaborator (and brother!) Jake, starring the wonderful Laure Brosson and will be cut by John Holloway (Pretty much everything I’ve done.) Oh and you can expect a great electronic bleepy score from Moritz Schmitatt too (Composer – Patrick). All of the above talent was supplied solely for the love of creating something, if we win the drinks are on me!!

Anyway to keep you entertained here’s a still from the shoot with all the gang apart from me who was stuck with providing this wonderful image, if I might say so myself…


Oh and big up to Ollie who helped out in the camera team and got us a loada ‘stuff’! The dolly shots would simply not have been possible without him.

From left to right Olly, Laure, Ben, John and Jake


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