I know I’m a bit behind on this but hey, I thought I’d throw in my two pence worth. So I was hoping for a few friends to bring home awards but it wasn’t to be…Luti and Ben Peter’s video for N-DUBZ’s single ‘Wouldn’t You’ lost out in the Urban category to Kim Gehrig’s video for Wiley’s ‘Cash In My Pocket’. I have to say, that is a cracking promo and fully deserves the attention, as does Kim, I’m a huge fan of her video for Santigold’s ‘Lights Out’ as well.

Aside from that, Corin’s Prodigy video lost out to Shynola’s Coldplay for best animation and his Producer at Academy, Liz Kessler, was trumped by Malachy McAnenny for best producer.

You can see all the noms and awards at:

Just before I go I wanted to put up a link to a video that was kind of overshadowed by the epic Shynola animation, I think it’s a genius piece of work with some really beautiful animation. It’s for ‘Birdy Nam Nam – Parachute Ending’.

Bo Selecta.


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