Goulash and 'Timeline' in German


I went for dinner last night in the big main square in Prague, it’s name escapes me now but it was lovely. I finally had goulash with bread dumplings and potato pancakes and you know what? It was brilliant. Good earthy hearty food, definitely adequate rocket fuel for the average heavy set bearded Czech man and would doubtless keep me going for days. Plus with just a hint of chili it was actually delicious too. I washed it all down with a frozen tankard (read: Glass) of Pilsen beer which was also tasty good.

After that I went back to the hotel because I was knackered. I flicked on the TV to be greeted by Paul Walkers fuzzy boy face staring back at me in what appeared to be a period piece. Then came the dialogue, it was in German. I have no idea why, seeing as I am in the Czech Republic but it was excellent. Paul Walker’s performance was riveting in German, his usually flacid delivery was smashing off the screen as I sat in awe, in the glow of the TV, watching this mind-blowing dubbed performance. Then something incredible happened. Not one, but several A list actors began to appear, dressed in peasant clothes and speaking in, you guessed it, German!

Gerard Butler, Billy Connelly, Anna Friel, David Thewlis, Michael Sheen! Every new German speaking face I was greeted with sent shivers down my spine as they chatted irreverently back and forth in Deutsch. I was glued to the screen while Gerard Butler paddled through a lake spinning Anna Friel in little bucket thing. I had no idea what was going on but this surely must have won an Oscar. More to the point, why had I never seen this film before? Then I realised, this wasn’t Paul Walker, Anna Friel or even dare I say Billy Connelly but their German doppelgangers actually saying the words. This wasn’t a dub, this was for real.

However I just went on IMDB and that’s not the case. The film is called ‘Timeline’ and was directed by Richard ‘Superman’ Donner. Apparently its rubbish in English so I’ll do my best to avoid it. What a bloody disappointment.

But if you see it in German, well, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s a bit of dialogue between Paul Walker (the wonderfully named Chris Johnston) and Gerard Butler (Marek) in English and then in German. Picture it if you can.


Gordon: Trust me- we’re in 1357 France.
Marek: Go! Get the hell out of here!
Chris Johnston: No, let’s go home! Come on!
Marek: [Marek looks at Lady Claire]
Marek: I am home, Chris.
Marek: [Marek looks again at Lady Claire]
Marek: Chris, just go. Say goodbye for me.
Chris Johnston: I’m gonna miss you, Marek.


All dialogue is shouted. Even during subtle emotional exchanges.

Gorden: vertrauen Sie mir – wir sind in 1357 Frankreich!!!
Marek: gehen!!! Sie bekommen die Hölle aus hier!!!!
Chris Johnston: nicht nach Hause kommen!!!! können auf!!!!
Marek: [Marek looks at Lady Claire]
Marek: Ich bin zuhause Chris!!!!
Marek: [Marek looks again at Lady Claire]
Marek: Chris!!!! gehen Sie gerade sagen auf Wiedersehen für mich!!!!!
Chris Johnston: Ich bin dabei, Sie zu vermissen Marek!!!!


I think James is growing weary of me talking about ‘Timeline’, I must stop. Today I have final pre-production bits and then we shoot tomorrow. Looking forward to nailing it!





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