The Velvet Revolution, Wrap and Back to London

So we’re wrapped! The shoot went well apart from the fact I stacked it down a hill, but aside from that it was all gravy.

Before the shoot myself and James had a walk around Prague, we accidently stumbled into a huge parade celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and the freedom of Czech people from the iron grasp of Communism. It involved lots of people walking the streets holding their keys aloft and shaking them – James thought it was a massive swingers party and I was searching for the giant fruit bowl. Here is what I found on the day with my iPhone:



So I still can’t say anything about the job except that it was a lot of fun, we had stunt vehicles and a stunt man and co-ordinating those takes was translator and 1st AD Mariana who was on fire! She nailed everything exactly when and how we wanted it and made the whole experience really easy for me. As did Jonbi our producer in Prague.

The wrap party was fun, we ate at a great Italian restaurant called ‘La Finestra’ and then onto the famous ‘Blue Light’ for the equally famous Pilsen beer (it really is true what they say about the beer in Prague – delicious).

So thats it for now. Not sure if I’ll even be able to post the final thing on here when it’s done because they want to keep things secretive, Oooooooh.

Laters Alligatorz.

'Ferret with Ball in a Box' - Prague 2009

'Ferret with Ball in a Box' - Prague 2009

Shoot Day

Shoot Day

Me and James with the Board

Me and James with the Board


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