Keith Schofield – Charlotte Gainsbourg Feat. Beck – ‘Heaven Can Wait’

I came across this amazing promo for the collaboration between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck for their forthcoming single ‘Heaven Can Wait’. It is a truly stunning video, the treatment for which was dreamt up by it’s director Keith Schofield. The concept, a series of portraits from ’50 other music videos’ is great, as a result the video functions as a series of beautiful and obscure vignettes, lit and shot beautifully by Damian Acevedo. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but for me it’s between Pancake Astronaut and Back Alley Showdown…

Really should take the time to check this out, after his ‘End Credits’ promo for Justice and Lenny Kravitz this is another knockout from Schofield, plus it’s a great track from the ever talented Gainsbourg.

Above is the Youtube label cut but I’ve also posted a link below which leads direct to Schofield’s arguably more concise director’s cut.

‘If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed’ – Stanley Kubrick

Picture 3


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