Mixtape Nominated for a BAFTA!!


Woohoo we’ve been nominated for a BAFTA!!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the ‘little film that could’!

Luti and Kim and everyone at Luti Media, Ollie our amazing Director of Photography, John who cut and graded the whole thing, Jake and Sion our production designer and art director, of course Bill, Charlotte and Kate, Andre, Emma, Debbie, Scott, Alfredo, Morgan, Cole, Jenni, Lauren Martin, Michelle, Martin, The Milners & Beaumonts, Paul Abbott, Kevin Spacey, Noel Clarke, Jason Solomons and all of the judging panel, James, Leonie, Mel and Nick the list could go on forever.

I would especially like to thank my friends, family and my girlfriend for all their loving support and 2am for pushing me and the film further out there.

‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ has also received two nods, the highly deserved Best Actor nomination for Andy Serkis and Best Music for Chas Jankel. Let’s bring em home!!

I’ll be along to the ceremony on the 21st of February so stay tuned to find out how we get on, as the momentum builds towards the big day I’ll be posting articles and bits of press about the film and the nomination.

To start with heres a bit from the BAFTA website:


And a bit from 2am:


And finally check out the post below for how a real winning speech should be delivered courtesy of Mr. Rourke.

“Good Night and Good Luck.” – Edward R. Murrow (Good Night and Good Luck)

Picture 1


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