‘It’s Nice That’ and Lauren Laverne

Alright Geez?

Lovely write up by the compilationists behind ‘It’s Nice That’, an amazing blog with an enormous following, reminiscient of a online, creative, brick a brack shop. Thanks to Leonie for bringing the film to their attention. Click the logo to explore and see what they had to say about Mixtape:

Secondly, I’ve been asked to go on Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 Music Show!! If you don’t already listen to the show, you won’t know that it’s the coolest radio show in town. The producer of the show has asked me to send him the tracklist from one of the actual mixtapes I made when I was a kid for their segment ‘Memory Tapes’. They are going to play some tracks from it plus have a chat about the impending BAFTAS awards ceremony…

Exciting times…

Stop by soon to get the tracklist for my 6 music mixtape, download a spotify playlist of the tape and to hear the show in full.

Also you can send in your own mixtapes to the show here, there’s already some awesome tracklists on display:

Until next time compadre…


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