Art Directing – Doritos King of Ads Commercial

Over the last ten days I’ve been working as art director with my brother handling props on a Doritos commercial for their ‘King of Ads’ campaign. This is basically the competition they run to find the best user made advert which in turn could win up to £200,000 and be broadcast on telly.

I was lucky enough to work with a great director and producer team at the production company ‘Shoot Group’, Martin and Michelle, who I mentioned some time ago after they won the M&C Saatchi Ad Challenge.

The commercial stars T4’s Miquita Oliver, who was lovely to work with, and is a genuinely interesting concept involving motion control work, so keep your eyes peeled for it’s transmission on Channel 4 very soon.

Again if you’re a young filmmaker this is the kind of competition that could launch you into the stratosphere so dust off your bolex and go for it!

For now, here are some iPhone stills from the day, including my brother riding a mini vespa like a bellend.



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