BAFTA & Shooting People Q&A Newcastle & Goodbye Cruel World

So after a long week of buying, building and dressing for Doritos I took the 7am train to Newcastle yesterday where I took part as a panelist during their ‘Short Sighted’ event. I really enjoyed the experience of getting to discuss my film with an audience and with Rebecca from the film council who chaired the discussion. This is a new thing for me and I was pretty nervous going in but after a few minutes I settled in to it and found I could talk freely and openly about the film and it’s history.

After my segment which was in the morning I hung around and listened to some of the other speakers who were all based around finding new methods or models of distribution for short films. Among them were the frontrunners of internet short film distribution including Babelgum, BBC Film Network and Shooting People as well as new website MoFilm.

Having made money from ad competitions myself in the past I was intrigued to know what angle MoFilm was spinning, a website which has many of the major brands signed up (Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds, Samsung etc) and dedicates itself to finding opportunities for filmmakers to produce their own commercials which are then sold to the brand if they are successful. I had my doubts and it seemed slightly exploitative but having said that there are definitely opportunities for filmmakers to make money out of this. Check out the website for more info:

Aside from this stuff I enjoyed chatting with the guys from BAFTA and SP as well as Fabien and Sarah from rival short film distribution companies Future Shorts and Shorts International.

But the highlight of my day film wise has to be Vito Rocco’s Goodbye Cruel World. I worked with Vito a few years ago when he was directing a television series that I was assisting on and I had a chance to chat to him yesterday about his brilliant short and his first feature ‘Faintheart’ which is now out on DVD. Luckily his film is online so I have chucked it in below for you to have a look at. It picked up a host of awards when it did the festival run in 2003 including a nomination for the Gold Bear at Berlin.

In a while crocodile…


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