‘I’m Here’ by Spike Jonze

I was lucky enough to go to the london premiere of Spike Jonze’s new short ‘I’m Here’. It is available to see online now, just click on the image above then click on the online cinema to go in and see it!!!

It is a really beautiful and wonderful tale about the lengths someone would go to for the person they love. Oh and it’s robots…awesome looking robots that seem to be made from old PC terminals.

It was paid for by Absolut vodka and I have to say it’s great to see an ad sponsored film like this which retains all of it’s charm and none of the heavy handed product pushing we have come to expect from ventures like this.

I won’t waste anymore words on it, just watch it. Or check out the photos of me and Stirling goofing around at the premiere which was held in an NPC car park in Soho. They had blow up mattresses that exploded from cardboard boxes on the floor for the audience to sit on. It was supremely cool.

In a while crocodile.


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