In front of the lens with Michael Grieve

Bruce Reynolds - Great Train Robber

On thursday I had my portrait taken for an upcoming Telegraph piece by Michael Grieve. It was a new experience for me and his work relies on trying to find quite a truthful, honest moment or portrayal of someone.

I love his stuff and I can’t wait to see the results, I found the whole experience quite awkward and uncomfortable at first but after the first few shots it became thoroughly relaxing and almost completely quiet. I wonder if this will reflect in the photographs. Michael, being a documentarian, only shoots on film (using available light to keep things simple) and so it was a process where I wasn’t able to see anything during or immediately afterwards. I guess the first time I’ll see it will be in the paper itself.

I tried my best not to go cross eyed so I think it’ll be ok and I’m dying to see if Michael has captured a something of me that I wasn’t even aware of…

Here are some more of Michael’s beautiful portraits.

Snellin out.

Mike Skinner

Seu Jorge

Ian McEwan

Eva Green


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