Doritos – ‘Downpour’ King of Ads Entry

So I’ve finally finished my entry for this years Doritos ‘King of Ads’ competition! You can see it on the post above this one or by clicking on Commercials/Virals tab on the right.

It’s part of the competition which is live now here.

It was made on a shoestring with massive favours (see below), in total we spent about £24.50 including ten bags of Tangy Cheese Doritos…

Supermarket Checkout

A huge and enormous thank you to: Ollie Downey, Moritz Schmittat, Anna Kennedy, James Sorton, Alice Morris and Blair at 2AM, Tom McNally, Michael J. Ansley, Connie Jackson, Anna at Annasmanage, Craig Game at Panavision, Martin, Michelle and Alex at Shoot! and Laure Brosson for her constructive comments!

Connie Jackson & Michael J. Ansley - My Redheaded Geniuses

I’d love to hear what you think so please feel free to comment on the post above.


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