East End FF Screening and The Pedestrian…

The Pedestrian - Click to play a clip

The East End FF screening went really well on saturday, there was a nice sized audience and it was the first time I’ve seen the film at a multiplex which was interesting, this time it was a Cineworld…

Aside from Mixtape, which has spread itself across various platforms and has gathered a nice sized audience, there was a film there which I’d never seen before which I thought was great. It’s called ‘The Pedestrian’ and is directed by Stuart Elliott and while it’s production values are undeniably homemade, the film itself and it’s performances were absolutely hilarious. It follows a man addicted to walking races around the city, the notion being that he never stops to chat and never forms any human relationships. Until one day he is beaten at a set of traffic lights by another walker which prompts him to stop and consider his plight.

Another notable mention was ‘A Film About Poo’ by Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins which speaks for itself really, a funny 2 minute animation about washing your hands after using the bathroom.

Good news is you can see a clip from The Pedestrian and Emily and Anne’s film!

Bon Appetit!


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