Stuart Pearson Wright: I Remember You

I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition by Stuart Pearson Wright this afternoon called ‘I Remember You’. It’s free and it’s at the Riflemaker in Soho until June. For more details go over here.

Without giving too much away the exhibition is split into two parts, a series of portraits and self portraits influenced by American Country and Western music and a film installation which has dual screens and riffs on the notion of celebrity and presents a choice to the audience regarding which screen to watch at which time. Essentially it’s a seemingly realish time narrative about two figures lost in a maze. It stars the artist Stuart Pearson Wright and Keira Knightley. To read Keira’s thoughts go here.



It was quite an interesting experience, being the sole participant on a thursday afternoon I found the double screen thing quite affecting. At first I stood in the centre of the room favouring a screen now and then but mostly giving each equal time. By the end I found that my body had turned so I simply had to turn my head to the side to change screens.

I’d recommend it, it’s free and if you’re around in Soho it’s a great thing to see and the work is stylised and kitsch with an affection for things of the past; which I love.


Rose Marie by Stuart Pearson Wright


One response to “Stuart Pearson Wright: I Remember You

  1. glad you enjoyed the show.


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