I’ve been quiet on the blogging front recently but that is not because I’m lazy or couldn’t be bothered, rather more excitingly, it’s because DISCO has been keeping me very occupied.

I’ve finally found time to compile what’s been happening as it’s getting increasingly close to D-Day and I’ve decided to chronicle everything that occurs during the build up, shoot and in post for all those filmmakers interested in that geeky stuff.

As we finish the film I’ll be posting the final draft of the script, synopsis, storyboards, character breakdowns and even individual character record collections and Spotify playlists. I’ll also try to gather everything else I can get permission to and post that up here so you can get a comprehensive idea of the quite epic undertaking we’ve been through on this journey so far.

Some quite tantalising details first to keep you satisfied, DISCO will once again star Bill Milner in the lead role of Danny. It’s great to be back working with him after Mixtape. After seeing over a hundred kids we have also found our supporting cast including Charlie Rowe (The Golden Compass, The Boat That Rocked), Lil Woods (Nanny Mcphee and The Big Bang), and the amazing Izzy Meikle Small who is playing the young Carey Mulligan in Mark Romanek’s new film ‘Never Let Me Go’. As well as introducing Louie Byford, Bradley Ford and Mark Ellis, newcomers found with the help of the wonderful casting director Anna Kennedy.

In terms of crew we have an amazing line up including Production Designer Kave Quinn (Trainspotting, Layer Cake, Is Anybody There) and are in talks with bands such as Ash, Cast, Pulp and Suede to provide the seminal 1997 sound.

So all in all very exciting indeed…stay tuned in and keep your radar on for updates…I will say one thing – there will be some awesome dance sequences…

“dance dance dance dance dance on the radio” Ian Curtis


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