Mixtape wins Best Short Film at the Purbeck Film Festival!!! Kapow!

Here are some people! I'm not sure if these are the exact people that saw Mixtape this weekend (they're definitely not, I got this photo from Google Images) but I think this image accurately conveys what that audience might look like

On the night that Disco received it’s official premiere, and was born forth into the world, I was completely unaware that some 1600 miles away, Mixtape was also playing, to a packed out audience at the Rex Cinema as part of the Purbeck Film Festival.

Not only this, but that the festival jury awarded the film the best short film prize!

I’m completely touched and honoured to win this, especially in such close proximity to the University where I spent three years beavering away (read: partying/beavering away).

I’d like say a huge thanks to the film festival organisers and the jury on the night for this great award.

And as an added bonus, if you are in the Bournemouth/Purbeck area this saturday then you can see Mixtape playing at the Rex before ‘El Secreto De Sus Ojos’ (The Secrets In Their Eyes). Great pleasure to playing before such a celebrated work.

Well that is all for now, check the screenings tab on the right for more info!



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