Screentest Round Up

So the weekend went off without a hitch despite my failed attempts to find anything by ‘Sonique’.

There’s a great write up and list of awards over at The Reel but overall the standard was supremely high, especially the cinematography and best doc winner ‘Where The Wild Things Were’ which was like a 16 minute Planet Earth episode set in the Scottish Highlands, discussing the shifting landscape and it’s wildlife.

Other highlights include Bailey’s ‘Jittertree’ and William McGregor’s ‘Bovine’ both displaying excellent cinematography, production design and performances.

It was also great to see people turning up in their droves for the panels and Q&A’s, I got a real sense that these were eager and hungry students and I remember with fondness feeling that way at University myself. It remains to be seen how many of these guys will break through and what we can expect from them in the future but they’ve made a great start on the ladder.

Thanks to everyone that helped organise the event and everyone who came to the Q&A’s and panels especially Chris Nunn and Holly Wells.

Laterz homeskillets.



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