Hey guys, there’s been a lot of speculation and rumour in the press over the last few days about the film and especially the involvement of some of the musicians.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a quick update and explain some of the finer details at this stage.

The original music to be performed by The Wanderers in the film has been written by Tim Wheeler (Ash), Emmy The Great (Austenland) and Graham Coxon (Blur). Tim and Emma have written the music and lyrics with Tim producing the songs. I approached Graham to write the lead guitar parts on the tracks and we are working on these at the moment.

The whole thing is a collaboration between three musicians whom I admire greatly and who have been incredibly generous with their time and talent. I consciously approached these people as I have a clear idea of what I want the band to sound like.

We’ve talked about this in depth and the mixture of Tim’s production and song writing ability alongside Emma’s witty, charming and at times affecting approach to the material and Graham’s unique guitar work is a dream combination for me. Having heard the initial demos of the tracks, I’m ridiculously excited to hear the finished articles and begin rehearsals with The Wanderers.

With the above in mind it’s particularly important that everyone is recognised for their role within the film’s original music. Contrary to reports, Graham is not writing the songs on his own and no deals have been signed on the music side as yet. Currently we are firming up financing and preparing to shoot within the year.

Aside from this, Bill Milner is attached to play the lead in the film and we will announce further casting shortly.

Here’s all I can tell you about the story at the moment:

Britain. Summer holidays. 1996. We follow JONNY BOWEN (16) as he encounters relationships and sex for the first time and his band The Wanderers as they strive to become the next big Brit Pop sensation.

There are a number of other exciting developments on production, casting and the music side of things but I can’t say anymore at the moment I’m afraid.

Thanks to everyone that has been so passionate and supportive about this project from day one and I can’t wait for you all to see and hear what we’re up to!

The Wanderers is being produced by Michael Berliner and 2AM Films and is being supported by the BFI.


One response to “THE WANDERERS – UPDATE

  1. The movie sounds amazing! I loved your ‘Mixed Tape’ short. Wish you continued success!

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