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I’ve been quiet on the blog front recently as I’ve been working tirelessly on my upcoming debut feature film The Wanderers which I’m incredibly proud to announce over on the 2AM website.

There’s also a photo of me leaning on a chair if you’re into that sort of thing. *UPDATE* The photo has been taken down. It could only last so long. I shouldn’t ever have my photo taken.

I’m really excited about the project and it’s been an incredible experience so far. The film will follow on from my shorts Mixtape and Disco and is a non-conventional Brit pop musical set in 1996.

Stay tuned for more goss!

L x


Expanded Eye

My dear friends Jade and Kev did the poster for Disco and did an awesome job I think you’ll agree. Here it is hanging on the wall at 2AM Towers:

Basically you should totally check out their adventures over on their blog including, most recently, their brilliant London Fashion Week guide for Blow PR.

Kev has even started tattooing people, WHATEVER NEXT!


Izzy and Charlie in ‘Never Let Me Go’

So Mark Romanek’s adaptation of Kazuo Ishuguro’s critically acclaimed novel ‘Never Let Me Go’ is out in cinemas next Friday and you should all go and see it because it’s brilliant and it will make you cry like a sad baby. BUT more importantly you should go and see it for Izzy and Charlie’s wonderful performances. Not content with acting their pants off in DISCO, they give astounding performances in NLMG along with Ella Purnell, owning the first act of the film and carrying a huge amount of the story on their young shoulders.

Their grown up counter parts Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley are all excellent too and Ishiguro himself has declared that one day we’ll look back on this film as a piece that houses the very best of new british acting talent. Having had the pleasure of seeing it last year at the Brighton Film Festival and working with Izz and Charlie, I couldn’t agree more.

L x

Check out the trailer:

And a magnificently eloquent and mature interview from Ella and Izzy:

Gustav Johansson


‘Enter The Void’ title sequence

Probably the most bombastic and epilepsy inducing opening credit sequence ever committed to film.

If you missed ETV at the cinema, you’re a sucker, get it on DVD. Unless that is, you don’t enjoy having your mind scrambled, in which case you’re a double sucker. x


Wim Wenders 3D Pina Bausch Dance Epic!

Nothing like a brilliant German auteur to really spice up the world’s 3D catalogue…oh and head over to the 2AM Films site to find out more.



Unaired pilot from Ben Stiller starring Jack Black and the voice of Owen Wilson. It is quite something…(via @dan_sully)