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YIPPEE! We’re finally hitting the UK and playing next door to Suede! Go here for more deets…


Hey dudes.

Lot’s going down at the moment, just thought I’d stop by and let you know I’ve had a reshuffle with the blog.

This site is now my standalone blog/newsfeed. For my most recent work and other information please go to my new website here or click on the WEBSITE link over on the right.


On a side note, here’s what happens if you text in the cinema in Austin Texas: (Now you get the ‘Textas’ thing don’t you, I was reaching a bit I’ll admit but I think it works on some level).

And here are my feelings on that matter which I broadcasted on Twitter earlier today. Text in front of me. I dare you.

Mixtape and Charlie in double bill at RACKED

Mixtape and Charlie are both screening tomorrow night at one of my favourite hang outs, The Book Club in Shoreditch (Everywhere should have a Ping Pong table) as part of the Racked Film Fair.

The night promises to show great shorts and to encourage discussion and debate on contemporary issues and themes in British film and the industry. Basically sounds WELL GOOD.

You can always play Golden Axe downstairs afterwards. (I know right?! Golden Axe and Ping Pong).

For more info go here or to the Racked Facebook Page.


Web Chat Revisited…

First of all thanks to everyone for all their great questions during the VMS live web chat and sorry I couldn’t answer all of them but unfortunately we ran out of time.

It was real fun for me dealing with questions machine gunning in from Facebook and Twitter. Especially when they ranged from the ridiculous, courtesy of the always HILARE @mtstirling, to the very interesting and enlightening from everyone else.

You can have a look at my answers over here if you think they might help or find advice on facial hair maintenance here if you’re that way inclined.



This is what a 'Live Chat' might look like.

No. I’ve not just become one of those dudes who you find in the back of Empire magazine that pretends to talk sexy on the telephone while you pay £1 a minute when the reality is that he’s eating a bagel with philadelphia watching Family Guy on mute.

That’s just not me.

BUT I am doing a ‘Web Chat’ this Friday the 20th of May, live from Virgin Media Shorts HQ over at Itch. That’s exciting isn’t it! So now is the time to think of anything you might want to ask me, I have no idea what that might be, but it could be related to either Mixtape, Disco or Charlie as they are all connected to VMS. I’ll be happy to answer anything else but I draw the line at ones about what I’m wearing; they’ll only be left unanswered. (Unless it’s something super sexy – I hear the Maxi dress is totally in this summer).

Anyway. You can post questions here before Friday or join me totally live for LOLS at 1PM.



Disco takes home awards at LANWIFF!

Pop over here!